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The Rules:
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2) Nominate 10 other bloggers
3) List your 10 favorite beauty products

I nominate:

So we have to pu a disclaimer right? I have some all times favorite products, and i discover some new stuff all the time. Lol. Currently these are my can’t-live-without products.


1. Gemey Maybelline Great lash mascara


2. Jamaican black castor oil

3. My latest statement necklace, b-day gift, Galeries Lafayette


4. Browns & purples MAC palette

5. Sephora ultra shine lip gloss in n° 10, lovely lilac-y color


6. My fav statement ring


7. My fav earrings, of all times (left), my latest fav (right), both from H&M


8. All over eyeshadow brush, Sephora, wonderful !


9. Summer hair oil, Grapeseed, fav for the last 2 years


10. AWARD of the AWARDS, NYX round lipstick in Cinnamon sugar