ACV facial lotion

A.C.V stands for Apple Cider Vinegar. This mix contains 1 quantity of acv for 3 quantities of purified/mineral water.

Purpose : clarifies your dark spots, evens out your skin from imperfections, unifies.

How-to : i have 2 different ways to use it

  • before bed, i spritz some directly on my face, all over, and leave it air dry then go to bed, will wash my face in the am
  • in the morning, after i washed my face, i spritz some on a cotton  ball, pat it on my face, wait 10″, do stuff around & then rinse with cold water. Follow with my regualr routine

You can check how i use it by clicking here to be redirected to the video

PROS : Def gives you a more unified skin, gets rid of dark spots, tightens your pores, get rids of your painful pimples in a NIGHT ! (def worked on me at least)

CONS : You have 2 be patient ! It really works but on the long run – when it comes to dark spots & dark areas at least.


Sugar, lemon & olive oil lip scrub

The original recipe for this was an AndreasChoice recipe. But then you know how it works, you watch a vid, run to the kitchen to recreate it, use it for a little while, then start 2 realize that you should add some of this or that to match YOUR needs !

My Recipe :

  • 3 teaspoons of white sugar (i prefer white sugar for my lips & brown sugar for my face, personal preference)
  • 1 teaspoon of lemon
  • 1 teaspoon of 100% extra virgin olive oil

Purpose : Gets rid of the dead cells

How-to : 1x week, in the shower or before bed, exfoliate gently your lips using half a teaspoon of the mix. Make sure you GENTLY massage it on your lips, trying 2 take off all the dead skins

PROS : the olive oil in this mix helps to keep some moisture on your lips, you can do it 2x to 3x a week specially in winter

CONS : don’t get it in your mouth the combo might taste weird (i liked it though, lol)

Now it’s your turn to share your fav homemade recipes 🙂


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