I have to share my LOVE with this ! Omg ! You ALL (should) know i am on the quest for the “perfect” concealer, if such a thing exists, and i bought this about a month ago & have only being using THIS !

Ok let me introduce you my new concealer…

 BLACK’UP Click Pen Concealer (shade03)

They say : This concealer neatly and imperceptibly covers blemishes and imperfections. With just one click, this lightweight formula containing silica combines a fluid texture with a full-coverage matte finish that is virtually undetectable.

Practical and chic, this elegant pen applicator delivers the ideal amount of flawless coverage in just one click. Fits easily into your handbag to be used for touchups throughout the day.

They prone :

  • • Fluid, invisible, maximum coverage ensures a matte, flawless finish
  • • Brush pen dispenses the right amount of product in just one click.
  • • Opt for one shade lighter than your skin tone to add radiance to eyes and perfect the concealing effect

How-to :

  • • Use before foundation to conceal imperfections or over foundation to add radiance


Looooove ! ! ! This DOES what it says… to the T ! Since i got it i really have been forgetting me having under eye dark circles.

It not only hides my imperfections but it also same times enlighten my underyes, giving me this brightened look that a lot have been criticizing.. I don’t care cause it is not too much, it just melts in ALL my foundations, how comes? lol

THE PLUS ! NO need to powder it afterwards ! arghhhh, let me repeat again, NO NEED to powder it ! It dries out MATTE ! ok i have to stop with capital letters but i just want to stress it out enough, lol 🙂

PRICE : 25.90 euros (36$ or 23£)

On the higher end, more than my MAC concealers but so far i am more than happy !

NOTE : 6/5 ! ! lol, yes that much !

Have any of you tested it? How did you liked it?