It’s already been that time and i texlaxed my hair again. Yes i KNOw, i said i’ll wait, but the thing is i remembered that everytime i tried to push my relaxer more than what my hair asked, i always ended up with a lot more damages than needed.

So this time around i decided to play caution, and i went ahead & texlaxed, using my trusty ORS relaxer kit for normal hair.

I used this method here, except i added a 5th part for my bangs 🙂

I then neutralized, deep conditioned using the products coming in the kit.

After wash products :

– Aphogee pro-vitamin leave-in conditionner

– Aphogee Keratin & green tea restructurizer

– H.E None of your frizness

– Chi silk infusion serum

Heat protectant : Tresemme heat defense spritz

I wore my hair down the whole day, then before bed i oiled my scalp with JBCO, then moisturized with H.E LTR split ends protector. No sealing.

I know that’s all you are waiting, lol, so here are the pictures 🙂 The video will be here in a little