We all know now that most hair products we use to condition and style our hair contain molecules called silicones.

Silicones are all around :





doctor’s offices

and most important in our beloved hair care products.

One of the most intrinsic properties of silicones is that they are not water soluble. Meaning if you put silicones in water (remember that there is a large variety of different types), they will not dissolve.

Silicones are used in hair products because they coat the cuticle of the hair, making the layers that compose the cuticle lay flat against the hair shaft. This means that silicones can be effective quick fixes for frizz and flyaways.

Because as far as i am concerned, solving my frizz issues seems like a good thing, right? So why do i keep on hearing they are bad?

We said they do not dissolve in water. Therefore, just stepping in your shower will not get rid of them. You need to use a sulfate to remove them completely. It’s an endless cycle of damage (article on sulfates coming right after).

You wash with sulfates, use silicone to calm the cuticle because the sulfates are wreaking havoc, then you need to wash with sulfates to get rid of the silicone.

If you simply try to cut out sulfates without cutting silicones, you can do some damage to your hair. The silicones, which have sealed your cuticle shut, will literally suffocate your hair shaft and could result in build up (deposit) and even such extremes as hair loss if you continue to fail to remove the silicone.

That’s one of the reason that lead a lot of women get on the “no-poo method” as in “no-shampoo” you freaks, lol

I def plan to try this method on my daughter next summer, cause i know summer she sweats a lot more, and it might be easier for me to wash her hair more frequently & using conditionner only.

Now once again, we hear it all & its contrary some say silicones are bad, some say they are necessary.. What do you say? Enlighten me please…