So many people are all about high end products. I love high end products, i am willing to have the money one day to buy them without a blink of an eye.

But what i have realized over the years of being a grown up woman (yes i am ! c’mon son! lol) is that there is absolutely NO NEED of spending all our money in high end products to get a beautiful result !

So i wanted to share some of my fav drugstore products with you 🙂 Obviously the list is not exhaustive as i haven’t tested all products on earth, lol


Moisturizer: Body Shop body Butter moisturizers

Base Coat and Top Coat: Nail Tek foundation II & Seche Vite

Nail Polish Remover: Les essentiels (without acetone)

Shaving product: Veet 5′ aloe vera


Makeup Remover: Sephora

Makeup Wipes: E.l.f

Facial Scrub: Queen Helen Cocoa scrub

Foundation: SLEEK Skin Revive foundation

Concealer: NYX Concealer in a jar in Cappucino

 Blush: E.l.f Candid Coral



Eyeshadow primer: E.l.f

Liquid eyeliner: L.A Colors pencil eyeliner in black

Pencil eyeliner: Jemma Kid Iconic black pencil

Mascara: L’Oréal 4D Cil Architect

Eyebrow product: E.l.f eyebrow kit in medium

and N.Y.X retractable eyebrow pencil


Lipstick: SLEEK “Mystic”

Lipgloss: Sephora ultrashine lipgloss in #10

Lip balm: E.l.f Mineral Lip tint in “Rose”

Lip pencil: L.A Colors lip pencil in Forever Red

As usual now i want to know what are your fav drugstore products? 🙂