… has been a complete success ! OMG i am just amazed at this thing. I bought this black soap in a BSS in Paris, it was about 9-12 euros for the jar you see, and i am almost crying when i see what i have left !

This thing is the BEST make-up remover, skin cleanser i have EVER had ! I use it when my face is having a full make-up coverage, and it gets the job to the T !

Infos :

Name : Real Black soap made of olive grounds, made in Morocco

Quantity : 200 grs

Type : i bought the mild form, not the solid one.

Price : between 9 to 12 euros (if my memories are good)

Texture : smooth paste, almost like warmed up butter. Thick but not sticky

How to : Wet the body / face and let it warm up a few minutes, apply the soap and wait for about 10″. Rinse with warm water and gently scrub the surface (body or face) with a clean rough glove to get rid of all the dead cells. Avoid the eyes (yes it hurts, believe me!)

How ” I do it “ : I wet my face, grab a very small amount of the soap, gently rub it all over my face with my fingers. I INSTANTLY see all the make-up be washed off, which i don’t really see with my daily soap (Medimix soap). Just to be sure & to have this “clean” skin feeling i will repeat the steps with whatever is left on my left hand. Tissue dry and i am ready for bed with a cleared off skin.

Here are the pictures of my use of it 🙂

(FYI : for the purpose of this post i decided to do this in my wash basin, i do recommend doing it in the shower because your skin will be moist & warm from the shower steam)

1. Slightly remove the eye make-up with something else (yes it is not advised on the eyes, and as the stubborn girl i was, i still used it…leson learned, i will never again, lol)


2. Wet the face with luke / warm water


3. Grab a small amount of product


4. Start massaging it all over your face (you can instantly see how the sud is becoming brownish from the foundation)

Yes that’s what i get off, ewwww gross i know ! but hey ! don’t pretend your make-up wipes are CLEAN when you remove your make-up before bed, lol. That’s also why i recommend doing it under the shower


5. Rinse it out very well

6. Repeat the steps with whatever is left…


…until the suds from the massagings are clear of any make-up (usually it only takes me 2 rounds)

And voilà ! Baby skin 🙂

I know this post was long but hey, you deserve the best of my experiences 🙂

Have you tried black soap? How did you like it?