I just love Ataui DENG, she has a beautiful face, love her features. Originally from the Dinka tribe in Sudan, she is noone else but the of niece my all times favorite model, specially when it comes to the body, i call her The Panther Alek Wek ! On some pictures i think she really makes me think of A.Wek, but The Panther has this wild side that no one else can have! Now on the other hand, the thing i hate is how the modelling industry has always been trying to animalize her, always made-up with freaky bright colors when natural is her best state ! Check it out

Being interested in all things hair related, i absolutely love the fact that 90% of the time these divas keep their hair 100% natural & short ! Sexy as heck ! lool, because it defines their long necks even more 🙂 Can ou tell i am a fan? 😉

Few pictures 🙂

Ataui DENG

Alek WEK

This is the picture that made me fall in love with her body, like… to me her body has been draw by God, like pure artwork ! Photographer : Herb Ritts (good job Herb!)

See, on this one, what i meant : Naomi Campbell looks feline when Alek looks wild ! Love it but not when photographers over do it with her features & make-up !

On several pictures i have noted that ALek Wek was suffering from this form of hair loss we call Alopécia. Being constantly changing hairstyles, colors, wearing heavy artistical hats for photoshoots is definitely not helping, but to me it doesn’t matter. Keeping her hair short seems to be a way to drag the attention away from it