My new obsession. Yeah i am not in french rap music usually, but dang this album has a something. I learned to love this artist cause we know someone in common, and the more this person and I were talking, the more i was starting to be open to the artist.

The cover of this album is just amazing to me

  • i really like the strong impact of the title, “Black Desire” in english,
  • the picture scene with this black angel kid !
  • and the message Youssoupha has behind it all ” When i was asked what would the album be about, i answered “love” everybody was laughing at me, like is that a joke? “No, it’s love in all its nuances, desire, hope, ambition, motors of human emotions. And as black identity is a reccurent theme with me, i imagined that. Obviously i thought of the french rocker group existing, even if i am not a major fan. And it was adding something in the collective imaginary, this militante notion that i liked. I also knew it would arouse curiosity. […]Youssoupha”

Here is my fav song, feat singer Corneille. #HistoiresVraies


Now the following one is just a concentrated force of killah-powaaa, lol, you know what i mean. For those of you not familiar with our french news, bits & bobs, you know i don’t get into drama-peopl-ish-fuss and all. But i’ll say the following : Youssoupha is not the type of artists who will auto-censore himself, so he sang what he was thinking about a controversed, french political journalist & author, and it made a whole fuss in medias & there even was a trial..

Back on his new album with this song “Menace de Mort” (understand Death Threat) i just have to salute the artist, rapper. I love the lyrics of course, but the jam, arrangements, tempo, video are all together gathered to create what people call a “HIT”

#Menace de Mort


And if you’re not convinced, there is only one thing you can do : go get his album 🙂