Those of you knowing me know that i am an E.l.f freak ! Meaning i really love the brand and products they offer. My favorite, like staple item for the past 2 year has been the make-up remover wipes !

They are just BOMB ! I love these because not only they do what they are supposed to, removing make-up, lol, but also they leave my skin fresh and softly moisturized. That is due to Aloe vera.

Now living in France, we don’t have (yet) the lotion wipes. Let me rephrase that. We don’t have half the products the US site has. So we have to wait several months before being able to test new products 🙁

Which is ok with me. i love, i wait.

Now the new wipes are designed for body, i am so attracted to body wipes for summer & warmer times, plus these seem to be perfumed : Sweet Mango, Honey & Milk, etc… Yummy sounds 🙂

Has any of you tested them? If so what do you think of them?