Now for all of you

  • looking for a shampoo that will not strip your hair out of its moisture
  • looking for NO SULFATES
  • loving a conditionning effect while washing their hair…

I have THE shampoo, well let’s say, THE washing creme for you ! Because this is what it is ! A very very creamy product that will wash your hair while leaving it soft & moist.

They say it is for dry, damaged hair. My hair wasn’t dry nor damaged but i was looking for the conditionning effect.

This is an ultra-rich shampoo, it is so thick that sometimes, if you don’t pay attention, you’ll lose the shampoo dollop you pour in your hand in the shower ! It’s thick as heck, lol, but it really helps with detangling and keeping your hair moist afterwards.

If your water is very hard, like very calcareous, then this is definitely recommended cause it says its composition fights hard water.

My daughter has natural hair. I was originally offered a sample of this shampoo for her hair. I have relaxed hair. I have been using this & only this shampoo on both our hair with WONDERFUL results ! Like i LOVE it !

Shampooing is just an easy breeze for my fine hair AND for her thick head of hair ! I believe it was less than 5£ whn i bought it in a regular BSS in London, so it is more than reasonnable.

I am stuck on it ! Already been 5 to 6 months of use i believe and i don’t use any other shampoo (except when i am clarifying both our hair).