I was given the great opportunity to test some virgin peruvian hair few months ago. Now i believe a lot of you know i was very ill & beauty was not my priority, for real ! Lol.

But i still am very happy i was sent the hair by the lovely U.Brown over at Beau Cheveux. The company is UK based, but they have this goal to help women in Europe and specially France to get their hands on high quality hair extensions.She was so so kind to contact me, and as back in the days weaves were my world i told her how knew a little about hair and how i was skeptical about peruvian hair.

She explained what Peruvian hair could bring & the difference with other hair i tried in the past, and then when i was brought the package at the hospital, believe me i was just thinking about the day i could install it ! loool

I got 3 bundles of Peruvian wavy, in 18″. 20″ and 22″. What the company told me is that Peruvian hair is more silky, it matches the afro hair very well. It curls when its wet, and curls made stay for long. I do agree with all that except for the wet stage, as i haven’t washed it yet.

I plan to get a sew-in that i will keep anywhere from 2-3 weeks, take it down, wash my hair & start again. I think the hair was

So expect my complete review in a few weeks 🙂

Here are some pictures of what i got, the hair is just beaaauuutiful ! I just played with it like when we were kids, placing the bundle around my forehead pretending it is my hair ! loool

Soft, i feel like this hair doesn’t know what tangles mean, but i will def wait to have it on my hair before i can affirm that 🙂

I want to send a special thanks to U.Brown & the staff over at Beau Cheveux because they were so kind to me all the time i was sick, and not only i got the hair but also some goodies to take care of the hair, and just extra stuff that makes a whole difference !

Until i get the pictures on Monday or Tuesday, feel free to visit their page here to see what type of hair they offer and how beautiful it looks on real customers ! That’s what i loved most, to be able to see what it was looking life on real life pictures 🙂