Ok. If you liked my FB page here you know i dyed my hair black. Like jet black. And i like it. Sorry, i LOVE it ! Most of all i got it cut. And i’m in love with shorter hair. Not that i was not digging my long hair, but shorter fits me better.

I used to have henna-ed hair. Like reddish brown that was absolutely gorgeous in the sun & other lights.

Then i went sick. And my hair was like the last thing in my mind. Healed. Wanted a change. And remembered i had 3 packs of indigo powder bought a while ago. Back on my researches. Bam, i am ready to dye my hair jet black.

Hummm… Well i know HOW to do it. I don’t know if i CAN do it. Lol, because changing is somewhat challenging.

So on to the subject.

There are 2 ways to apply indigo powder to your hair : 1 step process or 2 step process. The second one is meant for people who want a jet black result. This is where i stood.

  1. Apply henna to your hair for the indigo to stick better afterwards
  2. Rinse or wash the henna out
  3. Apply the indigo and then rinse out, deep conditon & follow with normal routine

STEP 1 : henna gloss

  1. Henna powder
  2. Natural flower honey (use any honey you want, i just like this one)
  3. Moisturizing cheap conditionner
  4. Black tea (yes like the one you’d drink)

Mix all the ingredients until you get a paste of a quite thick consistency

With henna it is recommended to use only plastic tools to avoid the powder to oxydize.

To know what i do next, please watch this video here that will lead to live tutorial 🙂

I usually let the henna sit for anywhere between 3 to 6 hours, this time only 4hrs. Then i rinse it out, cowashed quickly.

STEP 2 : Indigo powder

Ingredients used :

  1. Indigo powder
  2. Warm water

I just mixed until i get this creamy paste consistency.

So here are 2 pictures of my hair color, before and after the henna process and after the indigo process.

Now you need to know that indigo is kind of a temporary dye, it fades away with time. So you may need to repeat the process often, depending on your hair porosity.

I don’t know when it wilI fade away completely (it was my 1st time), but as long as i will want to keep my hair jet black , i will do mine like i was doing my henna glosses, every 4-5 weeks.I will only do the one step process now, without henna.

Thanks for reading my loves 🙂