A couple months ago i received this palette from the team over at Sedona Lace. I want to apologize for the laps of time before i posted that review but i was crazy sick over the past few months.

Now for those of you that know me, you know i have a few (yes let’s remain humble 🙂 ) palettes and these are my favorite tools to work with, specially when i am away doing make-up on others.

So first of all the product was very very well protected, like even inside the palette you get bubble wrap : i got no shattered eyeshadow.

Retail price :29.95$ (around 24 euros)

They say : This Wonderful bright set of 168 shades includes shimmer and matte finishes. Has 2 layers for portable and convenient use. These shadows are long lasting and extremely vibrant. The soft powder makes it easy to use wet or dry.

Mattes :

Shimmers :

Pros :

  • Soft ,creamy texture
  • Different finishes
  • Very good pigmentation
  • Wide color range
  • Great to travel with

Cons :

  • Can’t remove the palettes easily

My thoughts : I really was interested by this palette because it was offering 168 eyeshadows. You think “isn’t that too much”? Well actually no it is not, because there are sooo many looks that can be created out of this ! If you’re like me, fan of bold colors, then this is for you. Now i was very surprised by how many neutrals you get in there, which suits perfectly if you prefer neutral everyday looks.

I have been using it over 2 months and i am truly pleased. I was kind of afraid the eyeshadows, specially the mattes, would get to powdery but they definitely are not. I love the variety of colors, and how pigmented the eyeshadows are.

Here are some pictures of looks i created using this palette.