I ran out of my beloved tea tree oil. Yes i was to cry. Because at the exact moment i ran out i was breaking out like crazy. Tears were on the point of drop of my eyes. So i just ran to restock on this crucial essential oil. Want to know why? Discover it here.

The good thing about blogging and bloggers is that you truly can find jewels. I love how we share our experiences so that women of all origins, of all areas can relate. I was recently surfing on the internet and read about how good cucmber could be for our skin.

I already knew the benefits of cucumber for the eye area (who hasn’t popped 2 slices of cucumber on their eye area the morning after a long night out? Hum? ) but i was curious about what else could be done with cucumber.

So on this site that i absolutely love, Aroma-Zone, which is a french site developped by aromatherapy lovers, i went & did some researches on what cucumber could do for our skin.

Few examples of what they say :

  • Excellent moisturizer, it’s active principle is a very good choice for your everyday routine
  • Lightening, cucumber has enzymes that will stop the process of melanin production known for skin pigmentation. therefore cucumber is known to give your skin a beautiful healthy complexion
  • […]

Good for oily to combination skins, it also helps revive a dull complexion. This is where i answer “present !”. Yes since i was sick, my skin got very “neat” meaning clear of pimples and all (well for a short period of time, this will be a whole different story) but i found it to be dull.

So i am very excited to use this concentrated extract of cucumber. I will def let you know as soon as i start & give a complete review after 1 month or so of daily use.

I also got some Alep soap cause i ran out of one of my favorite soaps, my black moroccan soap, that i reviewed here. And as i am kind of getting a lot of “natural” products i was interested in trying this one out. Review to come soon 🙂