Yes ! I jumped on Kiko’s bandwagon ! And i do not regret it ! Absolutely not 🙂 May i add, i am very very surprised at this brand, “an Italian professional cosmetics brand that features a range of cutting-edge makeup, face and body treatments.

Cutting-edge? I definitely agree. I was very skeptikal at all the reviews i heard, read and saw about KIKO, but hey, we don’t want to die dumb right?

So here am i yesterday with a girlfriend that litterally texted me “I am offering you a ride at the new KIKO’s store“. Now dare say NO !

And it was a surprise ! Because the space KIKO has is not only huge, but the variety of colors they offer is as big as the space ! I was really urprised and in a good way !

That’s just a quick view of one of the nail polishes side ! I know, crazy. And these babies are retailing for 2.50E, hellooooo !

Here are some shots of what i got and some swatches

The pigmentation is quite amazing, the sale lady told me they were comparable to MUFE but at a lower retailing price (each eyeshadow was 3E for the opening) because KIKO is a brand that does it all on their own, from creation to production, that’s why they don’t have ads, commercials etc…

Lipsticks come in different finishes, i just got two because i really don’t try out new things when it comes to lipsticks. I am more adventurous about lipglosses. So i got a mat & a creamy one.

Oh and also, their products only have numbers, not names like  you can find in brands MAC or NYX.

Now to my favorite part : nail polishes ! I really really went crazy & thank God i was with my girlfriend, she tempered me down. Cause if you are like me, a nail polish obsessed, well your bank counseller might be crazy sometimes with your wallet situation !

I got myself some nice, soft colors and one very bright popping blue ! You know your girl & her blues right?

I was dying to try the blue, so i have a post coming very soon with this royal color on my nails 🙂

So far i really had a great surprise discovering KIKO, i think my next trip over at their place might bring back some more nail stuff & maybe skincare, so stay tuned my loves

Thanks for your time,