Summer is here. Yes. But i live in an area where summer is a concept. You get 1 day of sun, and you pay it with 3 days of rain. Like “oooh you really thought summer was here? Ok let me show you now” 🙂 So picking up outfits is like playing lotery. Anyways. It was not a very sunny day. Like not warm enough for shorts or dress, but not cold enough for sweats or gilets.

Opted for long sleeves and flared jeans. The red is just a just a way to cock a snook to the un-present sun 🙂


Necklace : Galeries Lafayette (wonderful birthday gift from my girls)

Watch : Ebay

Ring : MizOutlet

Jeans : MANGO

Flats : Random store

Bag : ZARA (favorite of the moment, could you tell? 🙂