Remember this sneak peak i gave you here about the opportunity i was given to test some virgin peruvian hair few months ago? Well let get straight to my review of the hair 🙂

Beau Cheveux that you can find here is a UK based company, but they have this goal to help women in Europe and specially France to get their hands on high quality hair extensions. Here is what they say :

“We know how hard it can be finding a trustworthy retailer of virgin remy hair, many women are sold hair that does not match the quality shown in pictures or the quality described. We also know how expensive virgin remy hair can be and understand that nobody wants to waste their money on hair that is not good quality, even more so how much harder it is for first time buyers to detect the difference in quality”

And this quest of quality is my ultimate care when i think about my hair. Being in this journey for more than 4 years now, i discovered how i was loving to change hairstyles with wigs or quick weaves.

I was sent 3 bundles of Peruvian wavy, in 18″. 20″ and 22″. According to the staff,  Peruvian hair is more silky, it matches the afro hair very well. It curls when its wet, and curls made stay for long. According to me, the texture is just a-ma-zingly soft ! Like buttery soft ! I found myself many times before bed letting the hair flow on my naked back just to feel it, i promise you guys ! loool. And the hair in its strands is so fine it JUST makes me think of my own *she wishes! lol*

I installed 2 & 1/2 of the hair in a sew-in because i was travelling and was going to a couple of weddings. So to me it would have be more convenient to have it stick on my head.

Hair : Virgin Peruvian

Lengths : 18″, 20″ and 22″

Type : Wavy

Texture : Silky

Weight : very light

Color : Dark brown

Tangles : a lot in the back

Shedding : close to ZERO !

So i washed the hair before i got it installed, it really curls beautifully when wet, and i let it air dry. The natural curl pattern is really cute, and it just looks like relaxed hair after a flexi rod set.

Matching : for those of you that follow my hair journey, you know my hair is now texlaxed, meaning i don’t relax it bone straight. So i still have a little texture in my hair. The matching is to my opinion easier if your hair is a 100% relaxed, but as you can see on this picture with my hair straightened (about 1 week before) it was very good of a match.

The thing i absolutely LOVEd is how LIGHT the hair is : considering i haven’t swed any hair on my head for over 10 yers (yesss i know !) i was anxious wether it’d be too heavy for my hair. But it def was not, lighter than any hair i have tested so far.

Pros : texture, weight, no shedding

Cons : tangling

Ok now to be honest, the only thing that really annoyed me was the tangling in the back of my head. BUT ! As my hairdresser left hair all around so that i could put the hair in a ponytail AND as the back of my head is where i have the more texture, this may explain that.

Because i don’t understand why hair would ONLY tangle in the back. Like crazy ! I was litterally having to brush the area 1 to 2x day, when the rest was very good with only finger combing…

Here are a couple pictures of a close up to the hair texture

So i will re-install the hair in a quick weave and let you guys know how it goes.

In the mean time, here are some shots of the hair when it still was installed.

Like if you didn’t knew me, YES you’d believe that was my hair….*she still wishes!! lol*

I want to thank U.Brown from Beau Cheveux for being so kind & patient with me.

You can find Beau Cheveux on Facebook, and to be honest, the prices are very affordable so i am interested in buying some curly hair for fall-winter 🙂 Expect me with another hair style very soon xoxo my loves