You know how you get into any Dollarstore or Poundland, walk around, find absolutely nothing, but still you pick up 2 or 3 items BECAUSE, come on ! it’s Poundland?… Well this happened to me today, at a store we have here in France in certain cities, where everything is 2euros !

Walking around, found nothing but a piggy bank for my babygirl, going out & at the cashmachine my eyes stumbled on few lippies turned upside down (obviously someone doesn’t want you to see what’s in there! anyway). I decided to go give them a look : REVLON colorstay !

Yes my love you read it right ! So i just asked if i could stay at her cash machine for a couple minutes, the time for me to decide what shades were dign enough to come back home with me ! A couple of minutes later, i call her and she goes : Wow ! You take four of these!…

The look i gave her was the one saying “poor her, she doesn’t even know what i have in my hands”. And each was 2euros ! Hellooooooo !

I tried one and actually very moisturizing & dries out MATTE ! I loooove matte finishes ! So yes happy bargain buyer 🙂

From left to right

022 : Raisin

010 : Copper

028 : Chocolate

015 : Coffee

 Close up

So far my favorite are Copper & Raisin. What about you my loves, do you own any Revlon lippies? If so which ones are your favs?