My daughter is 7 years old and mixed race. Her hair is natural and hopefully will stay natural as i grow & learn in this whole hair journey thing 🙂

I trim her hair at least 1 x year, and when i say trim, i talk about a major trim. I get off about 10 to 15cm off. Because her hair grows very fast, because it is long and because taking care of it is a lot of work, for both us.

So in January 2012 i trimmed 10cm off her head. She cried ! Because her hair finally reached her hips and i promised i wouldn’t trim that much… Long story short, we are back to growing it to Hip Length, i hope to be there in January 2013. After that i will only trim 2 to 3 cm every 6 months, because i can definitely understand the trauma of a big hair cut (yes i am a scissors phobic).

My daughter’s hair regimen will be a complete post, in the mean time, here are some pictures of her hair that gets blonde/caramel highlights every summer with the sun 🙂

Below are pictures of her hair at night, when we get ready for bed, the whole process is here

Below are pictures of her hair right out of a twist out, her hair hold the curl definition like nobody’s business ! It makes styling an easy breathe as i only have to put the hair up in a ponytail using a banana clip 🙂