My latest crush is called Azéalia Banks ! Love her. Or hate her ! No inbetween. This American rapper, singer and lyricist from Harlem, New York is signed to Interscope/Polydor. Her music is a mix o everything i can think of, i would call her rapper, but considering she wants to have nothing with rap, well i’ll just say she’s an artist !

Now what the heck is wrong with her hair stylist? I heard she was a self-styled type of girl, meaning she chooses her own outfits. alright. But hair wise? Humm… I just cannot wait for the moment when she’ll rock beautiful wearable hair styles ! I don’t know, i like her music and videos but the hair part always bothers me, lol, maybe it’s just me. She seems to love extra loooong hair. But who cares? Certainly not her !

#212 is my favorite song of hers, and i really am looking forward to hear her entire album, so far said to be released in February 2013


So far, she already has already done amazing collabs with M.A.C or also in the fashion industry, featured by designer Alexander Wang or famous brands such as ASOS.

One of her latest hit is a great ode to the 90’s, and is untitled “1991” in memory of her birth year’s.


Just for the pleasure here is her latest hit untitled “Van Vogue”


I believe we’re not done hearing of Miss Banks 🙂