For those of you that are familiar to my french Youtube channel here, i have started 11 months ago a section called “Question of the day”, yes time flies by, Lord ! It is mainly made to answer questions i get frequently or a question that i think will be helpful for a lot.

I received one today on my facebook page about where to get certain products in France, specifically in Paris.

Reaching many people around the world, i already was asked places that i would recommend to buy products or hairdressers.

Ask me : J’ai une question saurais tu ou peut on avoir le leave in herbal essence, cantu shea butter ou neutrogena en France à Paris plus précisément? Merci

I have a question, do you know places where one can find the leave in herbal essence, cantu shea butter or neutrogena in France specially in Paris? Thanks.

Il y a plusieurs endroits sur Paris où l’on peut se procurer des produits capillaires. Les + connus restent “les chateaux”, j’ai nommé Chateau d’eau, Chateau rouge. Il y a aussi une boutique dans le 10ème, 11 rue du Chaudron, Black Beauty je crois. Sinon pour celles qui vivent dans la banlieue parisienne il y a Saint Denis qui est assez fournie. Enfin ne pas oublier les espaces de beauté tels Ethnicia, Nayenka ou encore Kali’s Pearl qui proposent d’autres solutions capillaires. N’hésitez pas à en rajouter si vous en connaissez d’autres 🙂

There are several places in Paris where to get hair products. Most known are The Castle, talking about the places called Chateau d’eau, Chateau rouge. There also is a store in Paris 10eme, Black Beauty that sells Aphogee, Keracare & many other brands. Those in the suburbs can also go to Saint Denis that is getting more & more hair stores. Lastly do not forget about Beauty Spaces like Ethnicia, Nayenka or Kali’s Pearl that also sell various solutions for hair care.

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