Ok you all know this space is dedicated to hair, beauty ok we know that. But i choose to name it “Choose To Be Beautiful” because it is also more than just that, it is also a space dedicated to family, values, trips, wishes, faith and more. All of these little things that makes the beauty of this life we live in. And i am beyond blessed to realize that this little bundle of joy is today 10 years old. I know how this will all sound, so cheesy and all, but that’s just the absolute truth. God has blessed me with the most amazing kid i could have had. And i pray that it continues in His will. Because i am happy. Truly. Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes being a mom is not the easiest thing on earth. But, with all this love i am given from above through this young little miss, well how can i complain?

Having a young girl is getting more and more interesting. Because you start to have another level of complicity, having crazy laughs as i never imagined, we are on the same level on so many points. And you also get more and more responsibilities, and this challenge is both so exciting and scary. That’s why i place it all in God’s hand, so that i can continue to make her laugh and squeeze me as if this hug was better than any chocolate on earth.

On what we both want the future to bring? Well it will be about what i will wear on my wedding day, welcoming a baby brother even if we both wanted another girl (yes girl power!), getting a bigger house, having a dog (or 2, if i let her decide i’m done)… But all of this comes in time. Because there is a time for everything. And today is the time for Liyah to be 10 years old. Happy birthday baby girl, i love you.Happy Bday bb girl