Mmy name’s Vanessa, known as Nunaavane. I am a french citizen of the world. Searching for a way to have beautiful hair in 2008, i am taking you today on my quest to be beautiful. In every step and every way.


A little about me


Living in France, i’m a woman who so wanted to have beautiful healthy hair that she started doing videos and blogging about everything beauty related… Welcome to my world. Here, i express my thoughts, style, inspirations, and love of life. I created this blog to chronicle my everyday style, beauty finds, travels and life and i try to continue to inspire and motivate my readers and viewers.


What I do?



Beauty products, hair talk, fashion posts, reviews, hits and misses. I love to write down everything that is not showcased on my channels.


This blog is a hard work. Make sure you respect this work by not copying and / or stealing any of its content. Asking for permission is a better way to obtain what you want.