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This is one of the things that changes the most. I mean, every day brings a different desire of a lipstick, a different need of a blush, doesn’t it? What’s in my make-up bag itself changes a lot, just as …

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I have discovered that make-up is not fun. Yes, despite all the contour, highlight, ombrés, cat’eyes and all, make-up is not fun. Because there will always be this moment when you have to wash/clean your make-up tools. Now i know …

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Better never than too late, here are my picks to kick off Spring with. I am in love with orange, bright colors, warm blushes, and the sunny days makes it all better. I am starting my spring beauty edit with …

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I often get compliments on the fact that i dare/wear bright colors. I thank you my loves, i think all Women Of Color can wear them. It’s all about being confident enough. Plus, usually when you have them on, you …

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