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No need to mention how crazy it is already August ! Last month i have been keeping it quite simple, but i still have a few favorites to show you / Il n’est pas nécessaire de mentionner à quel point c’est dingue que l’on soit déjà en Août ! Le mois dernier j’ai fait assez simple, mais j’ai tout de même quelques favoris à vous montrer.

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For the past 8 months now, i have been hooked on Estee Lauder’s skincare products. Is it coming from my skin that needs more pampering as i am ageing? (yes i looove to say that, i feel mature now).

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This has been my life saviour since october 2013. My acne tried to come back in september despite the dermatologic treatment.So i had to to change my all times staple, my facial soap, my trusted Medimix. Oh and also i …

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