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We started the 3rd day with our usual breakfast at the hotel. I opted for an English type of breakfast, with bacon and eggs, when Cecilia kept it traditional. That’s another way to say I eat like a crazy monster …

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Ppalma De Majorque. I usually don’t like islands, i don’t know there is something about the “we’re gonna be done in 2 days” that holds me back from picking islands when i go on a trip. This time a round the call for sun was higher / Palma de Majorque. D’habitude je ne suis pas fan des iles, je ne sais pas, cette impression de “on aura fait le tour en 2jours” qui me retiens de choisir les iles quand je voyage. Mais cette fois-ci l’appel du soleil a Γ©tΓ© vainqueur.

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Lately on my Instagram 1. Treats. The moment when there is no kid, no friends nor family… Just you, strawberries, chantilly and House of Cards ! / Ce moment oΓΉ il n’y a pas d’enfant, pas d’amis ni de famille… …

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I’ve been MIA my loves, hope your weekend went well. My girlfriend and i went to spend Valentine’s day in Paris, it was an intense-funny-food-filling-party moment. It was not really a great weather in Paris, more chilly than anything else, …

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