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Yes. Who goes to SWEDEN? I know, my loves, i know. But i did. And i enjoyed it to death. I don’t think i already mentioned how much i love travelling…Ok let me take this back, hahaha, if you follow …

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We started the 3rd day with our usual breakfast at the hotel. I opted for an English type of breakfast, with bacon and eggs, when Cecilia kept it traditional. That’s another way to say I eat like a crazy monster …

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No way you get on holidays without some essentials, otherwise you’ll get either lost, burned, or dehydrated. Here are some of my picks during this escape to Majorque / Impossible de partir en vacances sans quelques basiques, sans prendre le risqué de finir soit perdu, brulé ou encore déshydraté. Voici une sélection de mes basiques durant cette évasion à Majorque. Continue Reading →

Yes. Because come on guys, we all know a great thing to do when you’re abroad, is to eat. Dang i am grateful for food. Now depending on the location, it can be quite successful…or not ! / Oui. Parce …

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