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I don’t even know whether i want a pixie cut or more likely, i feel like shaving it all off. I know it’s not something new i have been talking about, i mentionned it here in 2011 / Je ne sais même pas si je veux une coupe courte ou plutôt tout raser. Je sais, ce n’est pas un sujet nouveau pour moi, j’en ai déjà parlé ici en 2011. Continue Reading →

A few weeks ago i happened to win this set from an Instagram giveaway hosted by Beautylicieuse. I told you OPI really got in my heart, and with this collection partenered with singer Gwen Stefani they did striked / Il …

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So i have been grabbing pretty much the same products for the past weeks and i think they might end up in my favorites next month. And as a matter of fact, with the warmer days, they all allow a …

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I think i’ll definitely go crazy the day i get into an official Bath and Body Works store. In the meantime we do what we can from overseas. OK. OK. I went crazy. So what? I can almost say i …

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