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Is it? Or is it the same old me…with a new hair cut? I know soooo many of you wanted to see my new hairstyle, sorry for keeping the suspens for so long, but there it goes ! Remember this …

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Lately on my Instagram 1. Treats. The moment when there is no kid, no friends nor family… Just you, strawberries, chantilly and House of Cards ! / Ce moment où il n’y a pas d’enfant, pas d’amis ni de famille… …

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Yyou know this moment when you pass a store and get stopped by one item in the window. And the obsession starts. You get in, look for it everywhere. Find it. Get obsessed while browsing through the rack to find your size. And start crying (oh don’t pretend, we are all the same crying internally) because your size is not there / Vous connaissez ce moment où vous passez devant une vitrine et tombez en arrêt devant un article. Et c’est le début de l’obsession. Vous entrez, le cherchez partout. Le trouvez. Et vous devenez un peu plus obsédée, cherchant frénétiquement votre taille sur le rack. Puis vous commencez à pleurer (oh ne faites pas semblant on est toutes pareilles on pleure intérieurement) parce qu’il n’y a pas votre taille. Continue Reading →

I am so thankful for another year. With the ones i love. My family, friends. But also with you all, that stayed so patient, having my back, sending me messages of support and love and care. I truly can say …

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