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This is one of the things that changes the most. I mean, every day brings a different desire of a lipstick, a different need of a blush, doesn’t it? What’s in my make-up bag itself changes a lot, just as …

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Being all over with travelling i couldn’t let the month walk away and not share with you what were my February beauty favorites. Thank God the cold days are slowly but surely walking away leaving place for more fantasy / …

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I am a faithful consumer. Trusty client. I think it is written on my forehead when i go in Sephora. Because that day, I was looking quite confidently at beauty racks (yes i do remember the look was confident) when …

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For the past 8 months now, i have been hooked on Estee Lauder’s skincare products. Is it coming from my skin that needs more pampering as i am ageing? (yes i looove to say that, i feel mature now).

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