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This is one of the things that changes the most. I mean, every day brings a different desire of a lipstick, a different need of a blush, doesn’t it? What’s in my make-up bag itself changes a lot, just as …

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Better never than too late, here are my picks to kick off Spring with. I am in love with orange, bright colors, warm blushes, and the sunny days makes it all better. I am starting my spring beauty edit with …

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Most of the time, i don’t think of documenting my make-up looks. I just go ahead, play in make-up and get out the door. Yesterday i felt like doing it, i really like the look i came up with / …

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I really think orange, peachy tones are the perfect lip color for every type of girl. Because they are so versatile. From light to deep intense orange, everyone can find their shade / Je pense vraiment que les rouges à …

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