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I would definitely be free of worrying about my next appointment to the hairdresser. I most likely would be good for a light trim every month, as i have seen on a youtuber with gorgeous natural hair. I imagine natural …

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Aalright a few days ago I posted my new year resolutions that you can find back here if you missed it, and I truly thank you for your support my loves. I obviously couldn’t start this year without sharing my new year hair goals. You know this place is a beauty spot where we talk about hair and more, so please go ahead and be ready to share what are your new hair resolutions 😉 / Il y a quelques jours j’ai posté un article que vous retrouverez ici sur mes résolutions, et je vous remercie sincèrement pour votre soutien my loves. Je ne pouvais bien évidemment pas commencer l’année sans vous parler de mes nouvelles résolutions capillaires. Vous savez que cet espace est entre autres un espace de beauté où les cheveux sont un incontournable, alors installez-vous et préparez-vous à me faire part de vos résolutions 😉 Continue Reading →

In this whole hair journey, there is something i have always had a love and hate reltionship with : roller setting. One of the best ways to get your hair styled, for a whole week at least, but also such …

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