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I really don’t know where we are going with all these weather ups and downs. One day you almost can go out with just a comfy gilet on, the next day you better rock your boots, umbrella and a warm …

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Hello everyone ! Hope you all had a great weekend. It’s been crazy raining here for the past week. And sunny only during the week, when at the office. Life is not fair and we don’t care. Rain means warmer …

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I can’t believe it is already the 1st Sunday of February… I guess this year will go as fast as always. It was a lovely almost hot day today, and a sunny one / J’ai du mal à croire que …

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When the sun hits my neighbourhood, loosing off coats of clothes gets easier as it gets warmer… / Lorsque le soleil commence à se promener aux alentours de chez moi, tomber les épaisseurs de vêtements s’avère beaucoup plus aisé avec l’arrivée de températures plus clémentes… Continue Reading →