Yes ! YES summer is walking away ! I know ! So to salute it, here are the products that didn’t failed this summer 2012.


I am an absolute obsessed person when it comes to deodorants. And believe me, i have narrowed the picture to the ones i use the most (can you tell?.. humm?…) I have this thing, i do travel quite a bit, and i tend to forget the most important item for a lady : a deodorant ! Which makes me buy 2 everytime i travel !

My favorite is from NARTA ! As i really do not sweat, when these guys say 24/48h, my under arms stay DRY, it sometimes even get weird, for 2 days !

This summer i smelled Rocking Rio from ESCADA, please do not expect me to describe a scent, i’d rather have you go to Sephora, lol. All i can say is that it is very sweet.


Body Shop body butters stole my heart for over 10 years now, i have always been collecting these. Like litterally. The one i prefer is the Almond one (i heard it is only sold in France/Europe?!!.. Correct me if i  am wrong please).

A lady CAN NOT go out with hairs under her arms ! I say NO ! So VEET hair remover is my best friend in this fight (oh yes i have never shaved my legs in my life, we not very hairy ladies in my family 🙂

NUXE the prodigious oil, very very beautiful (but useless to me) dry oil for laying around on the beach, at a coffee terrace, etc… I think it adds a beautiful shine & light smell, but overall i haven’t been using this thing more than 5x a year ! !

Now i always rave about grapeseed oil, this has been a life saver, it is the lightest oil i have ever used ! Whenever i don’t want to use the butters, i go for grapeseed oil.

My face make-up remover / lotion / water is this one from Bioderma, i discovered it about 2 years ago after i saw Sam from Pixiwoo do her favorite skincare products ! I use it winter/summer/fall let’s say all year around.


Make-up wise, i actually DON’T like make-up in summer ! Unless i am going to a wedding (yes people tend to get married in summer, go figure 🙂 lol). I keep make-up to the minimum : powder foundation + blush + mascara + lip balm !And as i am a collector, i change the lip balm & mascara on a daily basis ! Yes 🙂

I NEVER understood those ladies going to the beach with full make-up face! but hey, to each their own, my mother would tell me “Let them do what makes them happy” (wise blessed woman !)


Yes ! This pair is my best buy this summer, the shoe you get because you wore heels all day and at 7pm you’d kill for a pair of flats / sandals ! So i have been rocking them a lot with every outfit, they just very casual yet class.

Now i just tought this wouldn’t be a 100% true if i didn’t add my favorite gums ! FREEDENT fruity flavor ! All the time !

What were your favs? The ultimate if you had to name only one? 🙂 Thanks for your time my loves