Calling all supporters for black owned companies, it’s always time to please ourselves or our relatives so i wanted to share the blackowned brands i love.

As i told you last year i am on a path to consume less, consume well and support the brands that i know are hard working entrepreneurs. Absolutely no surprise here they are all women and i have my eyes on their brands this year to make conscious blackowned purchases.


Pamela is a young creator that i had the pleasure to meet on the very first event i organized, as she was a long-time follower of mine. She started her brand while working on her PHD can we please salute the dedication?

Her creations are made to help women protect their hair in style and in the softest satin material you can find. Her quest is to help women to protect their hair in style.



Wendy is an absolute stunning young woman, leading her business like a master and i so admire her. The message behind the brand is very simple : respect and preservation. Their products combine natural ingredients hand made and multi-use. This way no more waste is made for our planet. If i can recommend something? Try their candles and thank me later.

Blackowned brands i love


Jasmine Lawrence vowed to create natural products that nurture and restore hair for all types after her own history of hair burn. I have been in love with her coconut co-washing cream. It is my all times favorite co wash product. I would definitely appreciate this gift under my tree on Christmas eve. Give a try and let me know how good it is for your own hair.


Marcia is an amazing, and i mean every word, amazing woman ! She always had a passion for everything hair, and it was logical for her to launch a line that would help woman take care or their crown.

So it was for me to have her in the blackowned brands i love ! In her store you will find all the satin accessories our hair need for night time, along with some very helpful hair tools. My next purchase is definitely 2 of her satin pillowcases.


Yeba Olayé is a multi-faceted talent who left behind a career of more than 10 years in Management consulting and finance to pursue her dream: create an aspirational accessory brand. And her bags are absolutely stunning ! Definitely on my radar this year, i am eyeing the Mino case in black croco !! Follow along on my Instagram for the moment i’ll get it home !

Blackowned brands i love

Tell me, what are some of your favorite black owned brands?