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Calling all supporters for black owned companies, it’s always time to please ourselves or our relatives so i wanted to share the blackowned brands i love. As i told you last year i am on a path to consume less, …

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LA NOUVELLE EST LÀ ! Votre sister a écrit un E-book complet qui s’intitule Une Routine Simple Pour Une Pousse Saine. Je crie tout en posant ces mots noir sur blanc, ça me paraît surréaliste, émerveillée par ce que Dieu …

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I missed writing. Let’s be honest there is a sort of therapeutic form when you start to lay down your ideas, and it makes them be 100x more real.
I have been good, very active on my Youtube channel here and the growth went beyond what i ever imagined.
Will be a lot more active here to share my day to day life.
Missed you my loves


So another week went by. And we’re soon going to be amazed at how January went too fast. Life rhythm. Another year but i want to stick to the week recap’ posts as they are a good way for me …

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