Ok as some of you might now, i am going to be texlaxed from my next relaxer on… What is texlaxed ?

Definition :

Tex = texture,  laxed = relaxed

Basically you relax your hair but you don’t get it as straight as you do with a normal relaxer !That way you keep some texture in your hair, some thickness also.

3 ways to texlax :

  • buy a so called “Texturizer” on the market
  • add some oil to your regular relaxer
  • leave the relaxer on your hair for a shorter amount of time

And this last one is were i will stand.

Why do you want texturized hair :

my main reason is to get stronger hair over the time, and mainly thicker hair. I know i have been in love with my natural new growth for the past year, and when i say in love i mean MADLY in love ! Not to the point of getting natural though !

Will you trim your relaxed ends :

def not ! If i was going to natural, i would BC (big  chop), no hesitation, but here it is only about slowly getting rid of the bone straight relaxed ends so that is ok. PLUS ! My ultimate main goal is too have healthy thick BSL (Bra Strap Length) hair so yeah, i don’t care about getting ends off…

How long does it take :

Depending on your own hair growth rate, and on your actual hair length, it might take from 1 year to 3 years to completely grow your head texlaxed. I plan to go for about 2 years, as my hair is already almost at BSL.

Products you’ll use :

Stay tunned for this one 🙂